Cosomil Secures Grant from NEDO’s Deep Tech Support Program STS Phase

We are pleased to announce that Cosomil has been awarded a significant grant in the STS Phase of the Deep Tech Startup Support Program (DTSU) by Japan’s the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), with ANRI as our partnering VC firm.
This grant program will provide us with financial support, covering up to two-thirds of the expenses, capped at $3.3M (500 million yen), for pioneering R&D in early cancer detection using our proprietary Single Enzyme Activity-based Liquid Biopsy technology. The grant aims to expedite our efforts to secure regulatory approvals in Japan and the USA and to advance the business development of our innovative diagnostic technology.

NEDO DTSU is a grant aid for deep tech startups dedicated to developing groundbreaking technologies that demand extensive, long-term R&D and substantial investment before they reach market readiness. Despite the high risks, these technologies are crucial for solving significant economic and social challenges globally. The program awards grants totaling up to $20M (3 billion yen), spanning three phases: STS (early-stage practical R&D), PCA (late-stage practical R&D), and DMP (mass production demonstration). Our company was chosen for this prestigious grant after a rigorous selection process involving external experts and NEDO’s internal review, standing out among 30 proposals in the STS phase.
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