Our Technology Earns Breakthrough Award Division of Medicinal Chemistry 2023

Our cutting-edge technology in disease diagnosis, focused on detecting protein functions at the single-molecule level, has been honored with the prestigious Breakthrough Award, Division of Medicinal Chemistry, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan for 2023.
This accolade underscores the pioneering work of our joint research team, spearheaded by Toru Komatsu, Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo, who also serves as our scientific advisor.

【Award Detail】
Establishment of disease diagnosis platform based on the analysis of protein functions at single-molecule level
Principal Investigator: Toru Komatsu (The University of Tokyo)
Co-Investigators: Rikiya Watanabe (RIKEN), Tadahaya Mizuno (The University of Tokyo), Kazufumi Honda (Nippon Medical School), Shingo Sakamoto (Cosomil, Inc.) (Japanese language only)

AwardeesResearchers who have made breakthrough discoveries related to drug development
A maximum of 5 people can share the award
Research accomplishments・Drugs or bioactive compounds with new chemical structures
・New technologies or methods (chemical synthesis, fermentation, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, screenings, etc.)
Number of Awards2 (maximum)